Bad Soup is a creative collective based in Dublin, Ireland that endeavours to bring talent from various disciplines together, creating a dialogue through hosting events.
    Three vivid colours were chosen for the identity signifying the mix of disciplines coming together to one event. The logo was kept simple and was geared towards being playful and juvenile, to represent the underlying motive of fun and experimentation.

Stickers were printed in the three colours and placed around Dublin City weeks before the launch of the first event to create a sense of mystery and begin conversation. This kind of guerilla advertising proved to be very successful and intrinsic to the launch of the first event.
    The printed poster used the same colour palette as the original identity. The approach was playful and experimental using a loose grid. The background image was created in Cinema 4D. The concept was to bring the feeling that a variety of ingredients (people of different areas of expertise) coming together into a large soup. The posters were printed and pasted throughout the city as the launch event came closer. This resulted in a very large attendence at the event.
A video was made to accompany the Facebook event page, and to promote the event and the artists displaying and performing. This was created using the original 3D renders and online pixelsorting software. 

Photos from the launch night taken by Jack Farrell. Background visuals on the main stage by Dan McDonald. Thanks to the Grand Social for hosting the event.