Collaborators: Deirdre Rawle, Conor Foran
Bare Magazine is a magazine based in The National College of Art and Design that concentrates on exposing and promoting the work of NCAD students, and the wider Dublin creative community.
    After a very successful first issue launched in May 2016, the second issue was launched in the NCAD Gallery on the 11th of May 2017. The magazine was free, and was funded by a crowdfunding campaign, a fundraiser and our generous sponsors.
Launch photos by Zak Milofsky.
Read the full magazine here.

Layout and identity of Bare pulled from the concept of us as a team of curators taking a backseat, and leaving large spaces of the magazine blank to let work shine through. To give space for thought just as a physical installation of an exhibition would.
    Cover and poster was an expressive mashup of different works from the creatives featured within the magazine.