The Doggy Bag is a satirical, unrealistic but effective solution to smartphone and social media addiction — by fulfilling the needs of the addict, distracting them from negative thoughts that lead to social media use and impeding their use of social media platforms, it creates a catalyst for thought.
    The project was intended to bring attention to the issue of smartphone
and social media addiction, whilst also being informative on how it happens, why it’s bad, and through such an outrageous “solution”, the idea is to create awareness, conversation and inform on facts.

How it works
  1. Using Obstruent Mechanics™ the doggy bag acts as a physical barrier between the wearer and technological devices, impeding any use of social media platforms.
  2. The Doggy Bag distracts the wearer from negative thoughts that may lead to mindless use by using our Aberation Interface™. It does this by sending out vibrations that we like to call “barking” and “movement”. This keeps the wearer in the present moment and helps contain negative thoughts.
  3. Lastly, the most advanced technology integrated into the Doggy Bag, Bonding Technology™. This creates a relationship between the wearer and the Doggy Bag, making the wearer feel a sense of fulfillment and dissipates the need for connection through online means