SOFT EIS is an independent, self-published and multidisciplinary magazine based in Berlin. It explores the intense duality of ideas and all the conversations in between.

Each issue examines a different leitmotif from multiple angles to capture and draw out its paradoxical and double nature. Artworks, prose and poetry blend with bold design. Personal styles come together to challenge conventional representations and inspire a provocative dialogue.
The concept of a dualism was the starting point for the SOFT EIS identity. Exploring the submitted works and contemplating our core concept, a new life form began to grow. This self-existing entity was designed to converse with the content, bringing a new dialogue to light and creating a dualism in and of itself. These visual tools echoed the harshness and softness, the smooth and the jagged, the rigid and the flexible, the bitter and the mild. The colours took heed from the soft smoothness of literal soft ice cream, and various skin colours to form an equal and inclusive standpoint.
Contrast in form, colour and treatment of the works creates a multi-faceted personality with great depth that shows its many faces throughout the magazine.
By working hand-in-hand with each individual submission, different sides of this complex fictional persona are brought to light through the dialogue between the submission and its visual rendering—revealing complimenting character traits that were previously invisible. Throughout the magazine you begin to get to know this entity through its smooth curves, jagged edges, warm tones and cold mannerisms, cheeky statements but inclusive ideology.