Lucas Garvey’s practise is a melting pot of embodied investigation into social dynamics, spirituality and play.  With a penchant for personal growth he intends to draw attention to societal structures and processes—hoping to reignite collective interest in fundamental pillars of wellbeing such as traditional rituals, embodied learning, cultural heritage, and simplicity. Working with various mediums often in the realm of sculpture, performance and the graphic arts—his outputs manifest as collective interactive sensorial experiences involving movement, sound and objects.

Taking a primitive approach to his practise of making, his work can be considered pure—adopting organic forms and earthy tones in response to the growing metropolitan advances in urban landscapes and his desire to live in a more unadulterated environment. Seeing imperfection as a valuable attribute, his processes are intuitive and meditative.

Objects of Power 2023

Exploring value, archetypal symbols, the amulet and the metaphysical in a storytelling sand-pit game with ceramic objects.

Design Research, Brand Identity, Campaign, Digital Design

“A Window to Alternative Futures” — SOS is a published research project delivering speculative social projects in digestible pieces.
Type Design

Baker is a modular monospaced typeface designed with a simple grid system of five circles interlacing within a square. Release coming 2020.